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SITI LLC processes and packs only the first class of carefully picked fruit of OLIVES, CHAMPIGNONS, HOT PEPPERS and PICKLES...

Champignons - The origin and significance

Шампињони Champignons, one of the most popular types of edible mushrooms, is a rare plant food that can be prepared in so many ways, it tastes good, stimulates appetite, and also has a high nutritional value. They are available through the whole year, canned or fresh. Since champignons are rich in high quality protein, they can enhance nutrition, especially for people who do not eat meat or those who rarely consume it. It is also important to mention that do not contain any sucrose or starch, and therefore are very suitable for people with diabetes.

Studies have shown that CHAMPIGNONS have anticancer ingredients, and like supplement in meals may help prevent the development of cancer, and they are also a good source of dietary fiber, including chitin, which is believed to reduce cholesterol level in the blood, then beta-glucan, which has a beneficial effect on the health of the cardiovascular system, then niacin (B3) which regular intake provides protection from the development of Alzheimer's Disease and age of dementia

Regarding the acids, in champignons the most important are oxalic and phosphoric acid, and from mineral substances there is a significant amount of potassium. Beside the seafood, champignons are the biggest natural source of selenium, which body needs in small amounts and is one of the most powerful antioxidants and has a anticancer effect.

In the old chinese civilisation mushrooms are valued for 7000 years, and in the old Rome were known different meals from mushrooms. In Asia they are used for eating and curing for 1000 years

In the old days people thought I that champignons are the food of the gods, or even they have originated from lightning because they were appearing over night, after the storm.

SITI LLC can offer to its customers a wide selection of WHOLE AND SLICED MARINATED CHAMPIGNONS, in different types and sizes of packaging.

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