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SITI LLC processes and packs only the first class of carefully picked fruit of OLIVES, CHAMPIGNONS, HOT PEPPERS and PICKLES...

Hot Peppers - The Origin and Significance

Peppers of various types (Capsicum annuum L. - Solanaceae) probably have originated from Bolivia or Brazil, where from they are spread in Central America and the Caribbean and later around the world after Columbus travel. They are used in the kitchen for six millennia and are grown over 25 species and 400 varieties with salt and pepper goes for a favorite spice, moreover - cult. The earliest evidence of the cultivation is variety “aji” of Peru (2,500 years BC), and the heirs of the Incas offered meal prepared with it on a fresco in the Cathedral of Cusco Lord and the apostles.

It is a rich source of provitamin A and vitamin C (in green fruit of 100-150 mg/100 g, at the ripe 150-250 mg/100g - almost five times more than in lemons!!!).

All wild species are hot because of the presence of healthful capsaicin while with domestication are gotten sweet or medium-hot varieties. This depends on several factors - however, returning to the free nature, heat is updated. Capsaicin, in the higher concentration, is placed in the seed of the fruit and seeds lodge(about 80%). Term capsicum comes from the Greek word Kapto, meaning: bite. Degrees of heat is measured by Scoville units (Wilbur Scoville, 1912), or, nowadays, by liquid chromatography. For comparison: sweet paprika = 0 unit; habanero peppers => 300,000, a pure capsaicin => 16 million...

Healing effect of peppers is have been shown in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, and the use in the form of a dietary supplement in the regulation of manifesting a diabetic metabolism changes.

Enjoying in the heat of peppers for gourmets is indescribable pleasure of hovering between peace and severity.

In the assortment of SITI LLC, our customers can find the Peppers marinated hot in glass and plastic packagings of various sizes.

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