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SITI LLC processes and packs only the first class of carefully picked fruit of OLIVES, CHAMPIGNONS, HOT PEPPERS and PICKLES...

Pickles - The Origin and Significance

Cucumber cames from Asia, where it was drunk as a refreshing juice during hot summer days. There was cultivated from 5,000 years BC and its relatives are gourde and watermelon. It is believed that originated from India, where from came to Greece and Italy, and later to China. Its healing effect has been known since the time of ancient Egypt. The large water content makes cucumbers excellent diuretic, effectively removes accumulated toxins, stimulates the kidneys and gallbladder. In combination with dietary fibers, which itself contains a colon operation encourages and protects the body from cancer-causing stuffs.

Mineral composition of cucumber is more interesting if quantity is modest. Potassium which takes the biggest part of all minerals stimulates flexibility of muscles and helps in blood pressure regulating...

Many recommend cucumber juice because of useful silicic acid contained in trace amounts. Silicic acid is very important for maintaining the health of connective tissue of muscles, ligaments, cartilage, bones, improves the complexion and maintain the health of the skin and associated with water, naturally hydrates and gives the skin a healthy glow.

“Cucumbers are one of the best foodstuff for the entire health and about them usually is talked like about super food, with reason.”

For lovers of salty - acid products, SITI LLC also offers marinated pickles with different calibration.

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