In order to have best quality and safe products we apply quality management system according requirements of standard ISO 9001:2008, respecting HACCP sistem principes in the same time. External certification organisation TÜV SÜD every year follows our work and confirms our succes in achieving this aim.

Satisfied customers are result of our work. Prizes received on many fairs confirm this fact. On International agricultural fair in Novi Sad 2013 year, our products received some prizes:

  • • Champignons marinated sliced 720ml-Gold medal for quality and they are rated as a Champion in the group

  • • Champignons marinated whole 720ml-Gold medal for quality

  • • Green olives pitted 720ml-Gold medal for quality

In company SITI LLC we are making efforts all the time to keep high products quality. Our employed are having educations and follow innovations in our industry sector in the country as well as in the world. In 2013 we visited the world's leading food fair Anuga, Cologne.

We are hoping that in the future we will achieve a lot in quality domain, and have more satisfied buyers.