SITI Ltd offers a wide selection of WHOLE AND SLICED MARINATED CHAMPIGNONS, in different types and sizes of packaging.

  • Champignons marinated whole
    720ml, 580ml, 370ml, 170g, 2,7kg, 4,5kg, 13kg, konzerve 2,5kg.
  • Champignons marinated sliced
    720ml, 580ml, 370ml, 150g, 2,5kg, 2,7kg, 4,5kg, 13kg, konzerva 2,5kg.



In order to make our products safe for human use and of top quality, we have introduced HACCP system of quality in our business. The certifying body TMS CEE Ltd monitors our operations every year and confirms the quality leading to success in what we do.

Satisfied customers are the result of our work. Prizes received on many fairs confirm this fact. On the International agricultural fair in Novi Sad, held in 2013, our products were awarded with the following prizes:

  • Champignons marinated sliced 720ml-Gold medal for quality, Champion in the category
  • Champignons marinated whole 720ml-Gold medal for quality
  • Green olives pitted 720ml-Gold medal for quality

SITI Ltd we constantly make efforts to keep the highest quality of our products. Our employees regularly have educational seminars and are keeping up with the innovations in our industry and abroad. We frequently visit food fairs, with the leader in food fairs held in Anuga, Koeln (Cologne) in Germany.